There is something indescribably attractive about a bad boy.  Maybe it’s their confidence, or the motorcycle, but since the dawn of all time women have been attracted to those guys who aren’t so squeaky clean.  Maybe it’s our desire to fix them, or the danger and rush that they bring, who knows?  Most of us women have learned that in real life, these aren’t the best choices, but our desire for these men (usually in leather) can be appreciated through these fictional characters.  So I bring you: Em’s 7 Most Attractive Bad Boys.

7.  Landon Carter (played by Shane West) from A Walk to Remember. 

Every woman has once thought “I can change him!” and in this Nicholas Sparks book/movie, the good girl, Jamie, is able to do just that.  She takes Landon, a boy who is going down the wrong path, and she helps him find purpose in meaning in life.  There is something sexy about how he helps Jamie finish her list of dreams-including getting a “tattoo.”

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6. Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills, 90210 (played by Luke Perry)

ImageImage from

He’s got the Porche, he’s got the attitude, and he’s got a leather jacket.  There is something so James Dean-y about him.  I also loved that he was a surfer too- and probably the only 17 year old enrolled in AA.

5. Uncle Jesse on Full House (Played by John Stamos) 

Have Mercy!  My first “man crush.”

ImageImage from

4. a) Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls (played by Milo Ventimiglia)

Bad boy comes to town and good girl has to choose between him and boy next store.  He was my favourite boy on Gilmore Girls- and was developed so well- I thought him and Rory should end up together.  He also has the bad boy “one syllable name” that just sounds so manly.  Also, an intellect- like Dylan on 90210, this boy has read some serious literature… but somehow was failing high school…

ImageImage from

and… 4. b) Christopher Hayden from Gilmore Girls (Played by David Sutcliffe) 

ImageImage from

Like mother, like daughter- will Lorelei pick the good guy, diner owner Luke, or the rebellious, often immature, motorcycle riding, father of her child Christopher?  I was always Team Christopher…

3. Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World (played by Rider Strong)

One of my first real crushes back in Grade 6.  He grew up in the trailer park and was always getting himself in trouble.  I had thought he had turned out a little sketch, but then I found the second image on google.  Hello, Rider!

ImageImage from from

2. Donald Draper from Mad Men (Played by Jon Hamm)

This guy is BAD NEWS!  Smoking, drinking, cheating, etc… But, the more you get to know him as the seasons progress, the more you are rooting for him and wanting to fix him.  He’s just misunderstood, I swear!

ImageImage from

And finally…

1.  Jim/Jamie Stark from Rebel Without a Cause (played by the one and only dreamy James Dean).  

Poor Jamie, “You’re tearing [him] apart!”  This movie starts off with the new guy in town drunk at the police station.  Throughout the movie, we see the struggle and the emotion behind this “rebel.”  Again, another one we’d like to fix.  My ultimate crush and the template for bad boys on tv everywhere.

ImageImageImages from and

Runners Up: Any of the Vampires from Vampire Diaries, Brady Black from Days of our Lives,  Cole Deschanel from Sunset Beach. 

So ladies, enjoy from afar, but hold your good man close!

QUESTION:  Who is your bad boy? CLICK on the SPEECH BUBBLE at the top of this post to share your answer!

  1. Shanno says:

    Ooooh, I totally vote for Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was the ultimate badass for centuries and even without a soul, he tried to be better because he loved Buffy. So much hotter than Angel, who was a total whiner.

  2. maltesegirl says:

    I just started watching LOST and I have to add Sawyer to the list… all the girls are goo goo for Matthew Fox… but I love his complexity, and sexy jeans…

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