Signs he’s NOT the guy for you…

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Bad Boys, Dating, Love, Love Advice, Uncategorized

This post is all in jest.  Any similarities to actual persons is merely coincidental…. Because these aren’t real stories…. yes… *shifty eyes*

7. It comes to light that he once was a drug dealer.  I feel like no explanation should be needed here…

7. b) He has either been drinking or is drinking whenever you hang out.   I’m all for a beer to wind down at the end of the day, but if the guy seems to always be drinking- or needs to have a drink at the end of the day to calm his nerves this is a little concerning- especially if you are just drinking apple juice!

6. He’s got some serious suave moves in the kissing department.  Now, a guy who has some technical skill in the kissing department is a definite plus- and a serious lack of skill in this area is a huge problem, but a guy who literally can sweep you off your feet and pull off the Ryan Gosling notebook kiss flawlessly is concerning.  How many ladies has he tried this on?

 5. You google and you find an article he wrote about his personal struggle with schizophrenia.  In every relationship there is a helper and the one who needs help.  Depending on the couple, the ratio varies- some couples are 50/50 in terms of support for each other, and others, need someone to dote on them and the split become more like 60/40- which is great for some people who need that, or who really are that “helper.”  I know I fall in to the at least 50/50 category- I need someone who can challenge and encourage me just as much as I can do the same for them.  Mental illness, specifically schizophrenia, requires the support that I can’t give in a relationship.  That’s way too much, for me anyway….

 5. b ) When you ask, “How was your day?” you always get the response, “Sh*tty, or a negative equivalent to that.  Aim for a positive person in your life.  Who wants to date a Negative Nathanial?

4.  His last relationship ended when he broke up with the girl a week before their wedding… Or some other red flag that stays at the back of your mind, questioning your trust for that person.  Trust is key.  When you meet the right person you should be able to trust them completely and fully, no doubts, no worries.

3. He gives you Yabbits.  This is when you are talking about him to your friends/family  and you feel you have to justify or qualify your partner.  “He didn’t go to college, but he’s waiting to figure out what he wants to do.”  “He’s a little rough around the edges, but…”  “He used to be a drug dealer, but… “He’s afraid of commitment, but….”  Ladies, anytime you have to make an excuse for a man, he’s not worth it.  If I can’t get through describing my guy without a yabbit, he’s not worth meeting my family, or my true gage of quality guys, my friend Matt.  I figure with the amount of guys I’ve brought around (small small number people!) when I do bring someone out- he better be impressive!

2.  He never seems to make a plan.  If he’s like “I’ll call you after work.” “Let’s hang out”, “See you this weekend” but doesn’t commit to a time frame, or even put effort into planning the time when you are hanging out, why even waste your time?  Why be that girl who sits there not sure when to start dinner, or whether to agree to go out with your friends, because you don’t know when you’ll see him.  The plans don’t have to be expensive- or even elaborate.  Boys, you have to woo the girl.  Show them you are excited to see them by at least setting a time to pick them up.

1. He drives a black car. Uncle Peter warned me of this at Junior Teen Camp years ago.  He regretted to inform us that it’s not just One Tooth Joe’s we should worry about in these vehicles.  There are some beautiful and suave guys who drive these things.  Watch out!

QUESTION:  What is a deal breaker for you?  Comment at the top of this post by clicking the speech bubble! 

  1. Sarah says:

    Well I have been on enough dates, and one that comes to mind is… Us eating out in a fancy resturant and he licks his knife, right in the middle of dinner! Then later that weekend he decided to drink his soup from the bowl at my parents- Were you brought up in a barn???? Manners guys, MANNERS!!!!!

  2. Jenn says:

    LOL this is HILARIOUS Em! Thanks for the good laugh!
    I’d say – break up with a guy when he insists on taking a pee – in the middle of a path – while you’re standing there… Oh and did I mention this was on a FIRST date??? Then he has the nerve to ask me why I wouldn’t go out with him again! Sheesh! Dodged a bullet on this one! 😛

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