Top 7 Signs You know you are Living in a Building of Seniors

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Apartment Living, Seniors
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I love the building I live in- it’s always clean, I always have someone chatting with me, and it’s quiet.  I love living with seniors!  I have noticed a few things though… so here are the Top 7 Signs You know you are Living in a Building of Seniors:

  • The flyers you receive in the mail are for funeral services and hearing aids
  • The laundry room is free at 8 pm on a Sat night
  • Your neighbours are Bernice and Joan
  • There are more handicapped spots in the parking lot than non-handicapped spaces
  • The tenants actually talk to you in the halls
  • Everyone has a tiny dog- that they talk to like a human
  • Everyone has a wreath on their door that changes at Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day…


QUESTION- Who else makes a good neighbour?  CLICK on the SPEECH BUBBLE at the TOP OF THIS POST and SHARE your THOUGHTS!

  1. Free laundry??? Awesome!

  2. maltesegirl says:

    Without fail… every Saturday night (and most nights) after 8 for sure! Like, lights off- all the washers and dyers to yourself!

  3. maltesegirl says:

    wait… free as in empty… which is awesome! But not as awesome as free laundry!

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