My Favourite Clinique Products

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So… a Vlog was more work than it was worth- Sorry this is late!

Sort of a random post… but I hope it’s at least somewhat entertaining!

  1. I really enjoyed this. As a male, I can’t use some of the products but it was good information that got me thinking about how I’ve always felt a boost of confidence when I make an investment in a grooming product. I was interested in if the Primer would work for a man, just to sort of tone things? I looked at your face after you had put the Primer on and it had a nice, subtle, effect. Also, the body butter (never knew that about moisturizing sealing in — good tip!), would that only be good on the body, or would it work for the face too? I need advice about a facial moisturizer, nothing too over the top, I have average skin, no problems with acne, but of course as a man I shave and that does a number on the face no matter what shaving method I use (mach5, electric, straight razor)… I use a low end but quality Nivea aftershave balm (no alcohol) so that works well. Maybe I could use that all over my face. It smells fantastic (for a man that is).

    Thanks for this great post. I enjoyed the bloopers too.

  2. maltesegirl says:

    Clinique does have a men’s line but it would be expensive…. go to shopper’s and ask the girls at the beauty counter- they are all trained- you want a separate face moisturizer!

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