Seven Places to Eat in London Ontario

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Fastest Blog ever!  Tomorrow is my TPA (teacher performance appraisal- it happens once every 5 years!)  and of course my Mac- which is always fabulous, is being silly tonight… 

London Ontario was my home for 10 years and one thing I loved about it was the variety of restaurants you could go to.  Coming from Barrie, where everyone went to East Sides’ or Kelsey’s if you were feeling really special, I was amazed at the unique and tasty places to eat.  

This list is not extensive, so don’t be upset if your favourite is not on this list.  These are the 7 that stood out to me today as having great food, awesome atmosphere, and being a little unique.  Try them out!  Also, scroll up and click on the speech bubble to share you recommendations, because London has way more than 7 great places to eat!

7.  Tony’s Pizza- Classic, family run Italian place.  The decor is reminiscent of Lady and the Tramp  and the service here is great!  Try a Panzerrotti- it’ll last you like 3 meals- I kid you not… mmmm 

6. Raja- This place is amazing!  Great Indian cuisine- like you can see the cream swirled into the butter chicken.  So tasty.  My friend Shannon and I did the “Two can Dine for $80”- it was so worth it. Not huge portions, but everything is so well executed and the service is awesome- you have at least two bus boys attached to you the whole time.  All it needs is a Bollywood dance sequence and it would be the best place on earth!  

5.  McGinnis Landing- I forgot about this place until I went there for half price apps (I think after 9 PM?).  It’s fancier and lighter than a pub, and I always love the service there.  I haven’t been there for dinner as of late- I totally need to go… 

4.  Organic Works-  This was my weekend surprise.  It’s a Organic/Food Allergies bakery, but with soups, sandwiches, salads, entrees, smoothies, baked goods, and teas you can take to their dining area (which is fabulous, shabby chic- probably the nicest and most unique spaces I’ve seen).  The food is fresh and local, and takes phenomenal- and it’s healthy!

3.  Cafe One-  This place is a “cafe” but it has dinner too.  It has a seasonal menu, which I didn’t realize so I was disappointed the second time I came, but once you realize the menu keeps changing according to season, it’s so refreshing.  They do pastas, stir fries, pizzas, fancy sandwiches.  I love it here.  

2.  Crave-  This is my fancy go-to place.  Lol, well- I’ve been there twice.  This place is expensive.  But goodness, it is good.  Such good layering of flavours- everything just works together.  

1. Fellini Koolini’s- Hands down my favourite place.  The food, the ambiance, the decor (from a Sophia Loren poster to wine bottles hanging from the ceiling) come together at this amazing Italian place.  I’ve actually been here more times than I can count!

Honourable Mentions-  Byron Pizza, The Bag Lady, Spaghetti Eddy’s, Winks, The Tasting Room


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