Seven Things I’ll Remember About Natalie

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It seems like every week I’ve had something on my mind (lol, maybe except for that Clinique week…. ) and that has fueled my top 7 list of the week.

 This week someone very dear to me lost her mother after a long and courageous battle with cancer.   I have two wonderful sisters that I love very much, but I was lucky to gain a third growing up- in fact, I think Meg and I spent more time with Leanne than we did with our own sister Becca growing up (Sorry, Bee- it was just an age thing!)  

 Because Lea spent more time at our house than we did hers, I don’t have as many vivid memories as some of her lovely mother, Natalie.  Most of the memories start off with her hollering across the court for Leanne to come home, but later on I have some good memories of chats at the doorway and over the phone when I was home checking in to see if my “sister” was home. 


A Woman with Strength and Determination

 My heart goes out to this special family, and their strength over the past few years amazes me.  Natalie, with her optimism and fight, David’s steady dedication to his family (and the beloved garden!) and Leanne’s courage and commitment to her mom.

 So, this week’s post is for you, Natalie. 


7. Her determination- Natalie was a very determined woman, and that is most clearly seen when a group of college students moved in across the street, and did not take care of their lawn.  Most people would silently stew about this, but not Natalie.  She worked a deal with the landlord and she went over weekly to weed and tend to the lawn.  I’d often see her across the street, making the rental house look not only presentable, but beautiful.

 6.  She fostered creativity- Natalie was interested in her daughter (and her crazy friends) and would borrow a video camera from her work so that we could document our soap operas, lip syncs, dances and crazy shenanigans.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to us it meant everything.  The video footage we have from camp, from our silly adventures will live on because of her.  Also, we were able to gain confidence and productiveness as we rehearsed and rehearsed our productions- who knows what we would have done with our time?  As someone who works with teenagers, I am thankful Natalie took an interest in our interests. 

 5.  She had a great sense of humour- I have many memories of Natalie smiling, laughing and just being happy to see you.  She had a presence that was vibrant and I always felt welcomed by her.

4.  She loved her family- I think the clearest example of this is when you look at Facebook and see her with her grandbaby and see the pure joy in her eyes.  Natalie was always surrounded by her family- weekends spent with visiting family members, and evenings in with her family, and her cats.

3.  She believed in cleanliness- Natalie didn’t like things clean.  She liked things immaculate.  I remember so many times Leanne running from our place before dinner to go home to clean the house before her mom got home from work.  She was very particular and house and garden and she always looked fabulous wherever she went. 

 2. She was positive and strong- I am amazed with how strong and positive Natalie has been over the past few years.  In talking with her, even when she was sick, she had such a positive energy about her.  She was always so interested in how you were doing, and what you were up to and would encourage you. One of my last memories of Natalie was last summer, when she waited in her yard to catch a glimpse of my sister, Becca, in her wedding dress.  The smile on her face when she saw us was beautiful.  In a time when most people would lose hope, Natalie took joy in the people around her and her love for them was evident.

 1.  She had the most beautiful garden- Anyone who has driven by Natalie’s house would notice her perfect and gorgeous garden (that is after the pink door! –See point #7- Natalie spent YEARS perfecting the colour of her door- and finally, I think she got it to the shade she had wanted!).  Gardening does not only sum up Natalie’s love for plants and flowers, but her personality to a tea.  To be a good gardener you must be patience and determined, waiting for flowers to bloom, spending hours cutting and pruning away the weeds.  You have to pay attention to the little details and be willing to put in the time and energy to water and move around much dirt.  You need creativity and vision to plan out and develop your garden.  And finally, you need love, love for what you are doing, and for those you are doing it with.  Natalie’s garden and her life have given us something beautiful to enjoy long after her time on this earth. 



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