Seven Movies that we Gave a Workout to as Kids

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, I apologize- today it’s just going to be a list- I shall update later! I didn’t want to miss my Monday deadline!

Meg and I have a special bond because we are only 16 months apart. We did a lot of things together growing up, which included movie watching. What would happen though, us we would find a movie we liked and then we would rent that same movie over and over again until I’m sure we would have paid for the movie a few times over. We memorized lines, had favourite parts… It was fun!

So, here’s the list- to the best if my memory!

1. Cool Runnings
2. Camp Nowhere
3. My Date with the President’s Daughter
4. All Dogs Go to Heaven
5. 2gether
6. On The Town
7. The Last Chance Detectives

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  1. maltesegirl says:

    The Parent Trap?
    My mom says “Rainbow Brite for Meg” and “Cinderella” (as in the TV version from the 60s) for me…

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