When in Rome…

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of Buffalo Mozzarella at the grocery store!  For those of you who don’t know, I am allergic to cow’s milk and being in Italy was such a treat because they had awesome things like Buffalo’s cheese ready available!

So- I made my favourite “Roman” salad tonight- the salad I had my night alone in Rome- “rocket lettuce” (arugala), buffalo mozzarella, and fresh tomatoes- all drizzled with a little olive oil.

And I thought- how much I miss Rome/Italy- so this post is entitled- “Seven Things I love about Rome!”

1. Obviously buffalo mozzarella- it’s at restaurants, grocery stores… I remember my sister and I having a picnic sitting on the floor at Termini.

Buffalo Cheese!!!

Buffalo Cheese!!!

2. Vespas- Cars are hard to get around it- so everyone drove these Vespa’s around- I even got a messengers bag with the logo from the company.  I wish I could spin around with the cool Italians…. Vespas

3.  Opera- Now I didn’t think I really “liked” opera, until recently.  The plots are so convoluted, the singing very dramatic, but the more I study and get involved in theatre, The most I think this is emotion, raw on stage. And what better opera  to study them that in  “La Traviata” – wow, I wish I could be a diva!


Opera House

Opera House

4.  “Connivence Store” Trailers- instead of grabbing a bag of chips at Mac’s Milk- you can grab a procutto sandwich, fresh fruit, and wine.  Amazing!



5.  The History-  Everywhere you go there are artifacts that remind you of the past- not when your parents roamed the earth, but thousands of years ago.  How amazing is that?

6.  People dressed fabulously- guys and girls. Canadian boys- take note!  528782_10100679499465001_849598929_n-1

7. Even in Rome- you cans till  play in the park!  579070_10100679489794381_1567937484_n-1


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