Seven Amazing and Canadian Foods You Should Try!

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Canada, Canadian Bacon, Eating, fun, Uncategorized
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This week I was making some good old Habitant Pea Soup for lunch, which made me miss my dad- because that’s the one thing he can cook and we had many a can of that pea goodness on a Saturday afternoon.  If you look at the label on the can closely, you  can see it reads, “Traditional French Canadian Pea Soup.”  and that got me thinking- what other foods are “truly Canadian?”

1. Poutine- this is pretty obvious.  Fries with cheese CURDS and gravy.  There is nothing quite like it. Apparently it’s name comes from the french, ” “But this will make a damn mass!”   And places like Smoke’s Poutinere take it one step further with things like “Steak Stroganoff Poutine” and “Chicken Fajita Poutine.”

2. Bannok- the perfect camp fire food.  It’s like a biscuit that you put jam, butter, even mustard- or whatever you want on it.  So good!  Here’s a recipe!  There’s even a restaurant in Toronto called Bannock which features all Canadian Comfort food all fancy like.

3. Split Pea Soup- Have a ham bone you don’t know what to do with?  Throw it with a pot and with some chickpeas and Voila!  A French Canadian Masterpiece, no?

4.  Wild Game- Venison, Elk and Caribu– oh my!  Beef and chicken are tasty, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was introduced to venison.  I even had Elk at a fancy dinner party once…

5.  Canadian Bacon- aka Peameal/Back Bacon.  Made famous by John Candy (lol), this un bacon like delicacy is amazing.  Not only is it a healthy breakfast choice (no fat- unless you dip it in lard and cornmeal), it tastes super good on a bun- a great way to get out of the summer hamburger slump!

6. Halifax Donair- based on a gyro, or shwarma, this meat cooked on a spit and put into pita, was changed to suit local Nova Soctian tastes in the 1970’s- no more lamb, now beef and a sweet sauce.  My favourite donair moment was in second year university where my roommate at only them straight for a week during exam season, lol.

7. The Buttertart- I had no clue these were Canadian, but I guess it makes sense.  Butter, sugar, syrup in pastry- sounds totally Canadian!  Ontario even has a Buttertart Festival up north and I know people who would drive miles out of their way to stop in Port Hope for Betty’s Buttertarts!

And you thought Canadian cuisine was just Kraft Dinner….

CLICK on the SPEECH BUBBLE and comment- what is your favourite Canadian dish?

  1. Life would not be the same without poutine!!!

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