What Teachers Wish Parents Knew (Part 2)

Posted: August 23, 2014 in advice, Education, Teachers, Teaching


WE’RE NOT OUT TO GET YOUR KIDS- often you’ll hear “Mr. So-in-so doesn’t like me, that’s why I got that grade.” Or “Why are you centering out my kid? You must not like him” Here’s a fact. Teacher’s get into teaching because they love kids and want them to be successful. Even more so now that is the case. To land a teaching gig now, you’re looking at a 7 year wait, if you’re lucky. People who don’t love the job don’t stay with teaching. The amount of crap from parents and students, paper work, time and effort needed is only worth it if you love it.

Something I found interesting was sharing a prep period with the “meanest teacher on staff.” Students were always saying how she didn’t like them etc. Throughout the semester I got to know this teacher well and I was amazed in talking with her how much she cared for her students. She was a little old-school and strict, but she really wanted these students to be successful. Sure, she demanded full sentences and handing in assignments on time, and the reason that was is because she wanted them to be prepared not just for later education but expectations in life as well.

So, as a parents always assume that the teacher is on your side and loves your kid and wants them to do well. We see things that you don’t- think of us as another set of loving eyes that can offer advice to help your child grow. 




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