Seven Reasons Why Having Glasses is Maybe the Worst Thing in the World…

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Normally my posts are peppy and upbeat.  I pride myself on trying to find the positive in any situation.  But there is no sugar coating this one.  There should be no joy when one hears the words, “Looks like you need glasses.”

There was something about glasses as a kid that seemed exotic. Before the whole “four-eyes,” “geeky” stereotype sets in. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that not too many people had them; feeding into one’s desire to be different. Our maybe it just made you feel smart and intellectual. In a cool way. More Daria than Millhouse.

I just want to make it clear. I want to debunk the myth. There is NOTHING cool about having glasses. NOTHING that should make anyone want these spectacles of pain and torture. I wouldn’t wish these things on my worst enemy! Let’s just say it: having glasses sucks!

Not convinced that this great invention is really a gift from someone with a horribly sick sense of humour?   I’ll start with Seven reasons- and I’m sure you could add many more.

  1. Having glasses sucks in the winter… and the rain. There is nothing worse than heading into somewhere warm and wonderful after being in the cold to have your glasses fog up in front of you. Not only do you look horribly uncool and have to deal with insane condensation, but it’s just really inconvenient. I just want to see! And then there’s dealing with being in the rain… imagine driving a car in a rainstorm with no windshield wipers. Being devoid of sight is no first world problem- seeing should be a basic necessity and right of all!

  2. Having to actually need glasses sucks when choosing a pair of glasses. Those people who don’t really need glasses or have a tiny prescription don’t quite get this. Why not get two or three fun frames to match any outfit or mood? Or go online and get the 2 for 1 special. Here’s the deal. If you pretty much can’t see more than an inch in front of your face, there’s no way you are getting your glasses from anywhere but your eye doctor. There are too many modifications, thinning of lenses etc that go into it. So, I pair costs at least $500. And if you are paying more than your benefits cover in two years on one pair- you are going sensible all the way. As cool as it would be to have some Ray Bans, or funky, jeweled out cat eye glasses, Plain Jane has to win out.

Also, when you wear contacts you really are stuck. You know when the union has that vote every year for what our biggest concerns are? Most people pick salaries or sick days. I always pick eye coverage. Contacts, plus needing a pair of glasses, plus your now pay out of your pocket eye doctor appointment adds up! I don’t understand why OHIP won’t cover that one anymore…. I’m sorry that my sight isn’t a priority…

  1. Having glasses stinks when you fall asleep. Us glasses wearers have all been there. Putting on a
    NBC Studios

    NBC Studios

    pair of old, too weak lenses to read in bed or watch a movie for fear that we will fall asleep and warp our frames. And speaking of old glasses….

  2. Having to wear old, outdated, too weak lenses when your usual pair are either lost or broken. “Hey, Em. 2002 is calling- they want their frosted tips, low rise jeans, the tramp stamp and your glasses back.” That’s when my old pair is from. I changed out the lenses a few times.
  3. Having glasses sucks when you can’t find them. And they are right under your nose.
  4. I could have been an Olympic swimmer- I had all my levels finished by the time I was 11, but then not being able to see put a real damper on things. Forget being a lifeguard. Sure you could get prescription googles- but then you forget how cool you would look walking around with those on your face all day… And don’t get me started on sports. The one time I attempted volleyball for fun I had my glasses knocked off my face… and then I couldn’t see for days until they could get fixed. Awesome…

    I see you...

    I see you…

  5. Waking up and not seeing anything. What I wouldn’t give to wake up and see! You can’t even check the alarm clock until you find your glasses to check… and at that point you are already half awake. To those who have been blessed with this gift- you have no idea how blessed you are!

And don’t tell me. “Well, if glasses suck so badly, why not just get contacts?” If I have another contact rip on my eyeball…. Lol, the rant for that is way better (or worse) than this one. It’s decided I’m saving up to get my eyes zapped. If I started a gofundme, would anyone contribute to the cause?

What do you think?  Are glasses that bad?  What would you add to the list?  What is WORSE than wearing spectacles?   Click on the SPEECH BUBBLE and leave a comment!  

Maybe they aren't so bad...

Maybe they aren’t so bad…


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