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Looneyspoons is hands down the best cookbook ever.  You know how you buy a cookbook with the best intentions and end up making like one recipe and the book ends up on the shelf never to be used again?  I’m that girl- the one with great intentions but no follow through, especially when it comes to recipes.  But, this book excites me.  I’ve cooked many recipes out of it, for friends, for myself- and they always turn out great.  It’s my new go- to wedding shower gift.

There are a lot of ingredients, and sometimes a lot of prep- so I often make 2-3 things at once and have leftovers for the next day or so.  Even though it has some obscure ingredients, they use the same ingredients a lot- so when you’re thinking- really?  Do I really need a whole thing of marjoram? You know there will be other recipes that utilize it- so you did not by that fish sauce in vain! The book is divided into sections, and has a great vegetarian section with lots of bean/lentil recipes- which I’m trying to get more of!

And the names of the recipes are hilarious: Lord of the Wings, Shanks for the Memories, Britney’s Spears, and The Greatful Bread, just to name a few.

And did I mention it’s all low fat?  The two sisters are a chef and a dietitian/nutritionist and their TV show “Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry” has them create a healthy version of a popular item at a restaurant.  Then they go head to head with the chef and often their “skinny” version wins.  That’s because they don’t just substitute ingredients, they think, “if I lower the fat content here, we need more flavor here.”  It’s amazing.

So here are my favourite recipes from their cookbook.  I’m just sharing a bit about each recipe- you can be a good citizen and pick up your own copy- Costco has it on for like $19.  I had a hard time coming up with only 7.

  1. Mr. Bowjangles, pg. 125- this dish my sister and discovered back when Meggo ate meat-it’s stuck that long! It’s pasta, chicken, and broccoli- in this soya/Dijon mustard sauce. I have friends who ask for it when they come over to my mom’s house.  My mom usually makes it when she knows I’m coming home!
  2. The Right Stuff- pg. 108- Stuffed peppers with quinoa, mint, spinach, peas and feta?  Yes, please! This has a few Indian spices and it’s bursting with flavor!
  3. Jerry Springerolls- pg. 12- these are your Thai cold spring rolls- a little bit of prep and figuring out of the rice paper, but the mint and green onions paired with the homemade Thai sauce, is worth it!
  4. Rockin’ Moroccan Stew- pg. 102- Thanks to my friend Jen for introducing this one.  This is amazing in the fall/winter- make a big pot and then you have lunches for the week!  It’s not too spicy, and is nice and hearty. And with the chickpeas, has lots of protein and is an awesome veggie option.  Honestly, when I pull one of these containers from the freezer, I actually do a little dance!
  5. The Roastess with the Mostest- pg. 165- I call this “engagement chicken” (this is a term from Cityline I think- referring to a roast chicken so good, he’ll propose after- something about seeing you as a good wife or something?) because it’s that good.  I first made this for my friend Tiffany, and almost made it for a boy once- I bought the ingredients and everything, but we ended up doing something else for dinner- lol, dodged a bullet on that one!  This is a simple roast chicken and it has turned out just perfect at least twice for me. Add some potatoes and carrots to the roasting pan and you are in business.  I’ll pull it out again when I find the right guy…
  6. A Little Pizza Heaven- pg.  86- This pizza is RIDICULOUS!  It’s maybe my favourite thing on earth (well, not true- chocolate and peanut butter wins out on that one, but this is a close second).  This is a veggie pizza extraordinaire with grilled pestoed veggies on tomato sauce with both feta and mozzarella cheese (which can be done goats or sheeps milk- yay for me!)  This is rockin’ with the fancy pizza sauce you can buy (I keep a squeeze tube in my fridge).  This is one that I make and then eat for leftovers.  I actually get excited on my way home knowing this is waiting for me.
  7. Marsha Marsha Marshmallow Squares- pg. 312- So I don’t know about you, but I love S’mores and this is like a s’more in square form.  You use that Vanilla Almond cereal and make it pretty much Rice Krispie style, but then you add chocolate chips at the last minute… I’ve learned to hide them in the freezer, because I could eat the whole pan in one sitting.  The best part is licking the pot/spoon after.  Just remember to “butter” your hands to put it in the glass dish- I promise that’s the secret to not have them stick to your hands.

So there you have it.  If you own one cookbook this is the one.

Check out their website: and sign up for their emails!  

And buy it here: or

I am soooo hungry and inspired right now.  I think I shall make all of these this week.

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So, I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be insanely busy!  Life gets crazy and it seems like I put myself on hold, struggling to get through the tasks of the day.  This is no way to live!  Just surviving is something they do on LOST (although how the girls never grow leg hair I’ll never know… ).

I have vowed to make 7 quick “enhancements” to my life.  They take very time or money or even effort, and although simple and cheesy, I’m hopeful they’ll make a positive impact.

7.  Drink More Water- H2O has been praised for its abilities to cleanse and to hydrate, to flush away toxins and keep your skin glowing and your breath from stinking.  (See I vow to drink more of this substance.  I bring a water bottle to school and I’m going to add Crystal Light or a tiny bit of juice to the container after lunch to ensure I finish the second bottle by the end of the work day. 6.  Up Your Oral Hygiene- I made fun of this, my sister’s new year’s resolution, but when I thought about it, it makes sense.  We all could probably do better with our teeth!  Up the anty!

Brush for two minutes?  Now add floss and alcohol free mouthwash to your routine.  It takes mere seconds, but the results are sparkly, smooth chompers!

5. Moisturize.  Does anyone else feel like winter has sucked all the good stuff out of their skin?  I want my skin to glow and feel like “ah…” This fix takes less than a minute when you step out of the shower!  I always forget this step and I have the most amazing Clinique body butter…

4.  Stretch While Catching up on TV.  I love watching mindless TV after a long day- the thought of moving off the couch and doing anything but stare at a screen seems overwhelming some days!  But, it has taken a toll on my body- I’m not nearly as flexible as I used to be, and my body gets tight so easily.  So- since I have no extra time, I vow to do yoga and stretches while watching TV!

3.  Memorize Something Inspirational.  Words have the ability to build a you up or to tear you down, so I’m going to try to memorize passages that encourage and build me up.  This not only will challenge my mind and keep it busy on those long drives, but will life me up and help me remain in Him.  I think I’ll start with James…

2. Do One Fun Thing Everyday.  One of my favourite people and I have this thing where we challenge each other to do just this.  Often as humans we get caught up in planning an adventure, and it becomes a reward for when busy-ness stops.  But it never stops, people!  Start having little adventures and laugh each and every day!  Whether it’s messaging a friend in Pig Latin, going skydiver, or wearing fun underwear- there is probably something you could do to make your more than ho-hum.

1. Smile More. There are a million (well maybe about 10) reasons why smiling is good for you!    This is what I need to do way more of.  It’s funny (well actually sad…)  if you have known me for a long time, you would know how positive and encouraging I was.  I smiled all the time and oozed fun and positivity.  Lol, but life has made me cynical over the years… and I wonder if the negativity and complaining has take over…

Hmm… I’m wondering if all these things will bring back the fun, happy, and energetic Emily…  I hope so!

So there you have it- a few practical things to do to enhance your day and make it way more fun!

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