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Me and My Nana

Me and My Nana

My Nana is awesome. Growing up as one of 18 grandkids, you would think you would get lost or forgotten. Especially when those 18 started to get married and have children of their own. But no. Our Nana (and Papa!) worked very hard to make each one of us feel special and loved. The investment they put into our childhoods was nothing short of extraordinary. I cannot tell you how many times my grandparents would drive the hour to see me in a piano recital, or to make it to any graduation or special event. And, I know they did the same for the other 17 of us. I feel very blessed.

On Friday night I heard the church bells toil, “Blessed Assurance,” which is one of my Nana’s favourite hymns, and one of the few things she remembers! So, I felt inspired to write:

Seven Reasons Why I Love My Nana (I debated calling this ‘Why my Nana is the Best,” or, “My Nana is Cooler than Yours,” but I didn’t want to start any wars on this thing (although- it’s true! 😉 )

7. Her Cooking is Out of this World. Obviously- what else would I lead with? Nana makes AMAZING stuffing, homemade buns, pumpkin pie, chocolates and cookies galore.

6. She’s Thoughtful- not only does she love to share her cooking/baking with all of us, but she makes an effort to bring you your favourite cookies (and remembers what those are- remember how many of us there are- totally impressive!) She also does an amazing job of buying birthday and Christmas gifts that reflect the receiver’s personality and needs. I remember getting a foot spa in university from her. She also would spend HOURS (days even) wandering the mall looking for a gift that would suit each of her beloved grandchildren. Lol- and she always made sure that any boyfriends or girlfriends (even the flavours of the week) had a gift to open if they had come to Christmas dinner.

Nana Busting a move with the girls!

Nana Busting a move with the girls!

5. She’s Independent- You might not see this, but my Nana is one who can take care of herself and can forge her own path. I know when my mom couldn’t take her to a Gaither’s concert, my Nana started organizing her own bus trip with people at her church. She also was insistent on getting a cute sporty car recently to drive herself around- I think her last driving experience had been her road test.

4. She has a Strong Faith- One thing that is so important to my Nana is her strong faith. From the hymns she loves so dear, to her need to pray before every meal, my Nana has a faith that is real and true. Looking at her character, you see so many amazing qualities that had to be derived from her love for Jesus.

3. She’s Funny- Don’t let this quiet exterior fool you! Nana has the best sense of humour- and even though she’s in the nursing home, struggling to remember basic things, she still is able to laugh, make jokes, and be sarcastic. She’s such a fun person to be around!

2. She Does Stuff With You: From teaching you how to quilt, make chocolates, or even asking you to help her get dinner ready- Nana loves being around us and I’ve always felt that she enjoys my/our company. I’m so thankful for our music connection- often we would play and sing hymns together. And it’s cool that even though sometimes she doesn’t know who I am, she still thinks I’m a pretty good duet partner!

1. She Loves You- If you’ve ever been to my grandparent’s house you would have seen the huge wall of 8 x 10 baby photos of each of

She's Proud of Us!

She’s Proud of Us!

their grandchildren and great grandchildren. If you’ve ever had a conversation with Nana, you would be amazed about the amount of times she’ll refer to “my granddaughter,” or “my grandson.” Her life centres around her family- especially her grandkids. Spend five minutes with Mrs. Elsie Moore and you’ll just know how loving she is, and how that love gets played out in a physical way. The heart and soul she would put into preparing Christmas dinner for all of us with all those cookie requests, the quilts she would make for us as babies, and the chocolates she made were her way of saying, “I love you!”

QUESTION- What do you love best about Nana? Or, what do you love about your grandparent(s)?

She’s Proud of Us!

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I love the building I live in- it’s always clean, I always have someone chatting with me, and it’s quiet.  I love living with seniors!  I have noticed a few things though… so here are the Top 7 Signs You know you are Living in a Building of Seniors:

  • The flyers you receive in the mail are for funeral services and hearing aids
  • The laundry room is free at 8 pm on a Sat night
  • Your neighbours are Bernice and Joan
  • There are more handicapped spots in the parking lot than non-handicapped spaces
  • The tenants actually talk to you in the halls
  • Everyone has a tiny dog- that they talk to like a human
  • Everyone has a wreath on their door that changes at Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day…


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