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Normally my posts are peppy and upbeat.  I pride myself on trying to find the positive in any situation.  But there is no sugar coating this one.  There should be no joy when one hears the words, “Looks like you need glasses.”

There was something about glasses as a kid that seemed exotic. Before the whole “four-eyes,” “geeky” stereotype sets in. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that not too many people had them; feeding into one’s desire to be different. Our maybe it just made you feel smart and intellectual. In a cool way. More Daria than Millhouse.

I just want to make it clear. I want to debunk the myth. There is NOTHING cool about having glasses. NOTHING that should make anyone want these spectacles of pain and torture. I wouldn’t wish these things on my worst enemy! Let’s just say it: having glasses sucks!

Not convinced that this great invention is really a gift from someone with a horribly sick sense of humour?   I’ll start with Seven reasons- and I’m sure you could add many more.

  1. Having glasses sucks in the winter… and the rain. There is nothing worse than heading into somewhere warm and wonderful after being in the cold to have your glasses fog up in front of you. Not only do you look horribly uncool and have to deal with insane condensation, but it’s just really inconvenient. I just want to see! And then there’s dealing with being in the rain… imagine driving a car in a rainstorm with no windshield wipers. Being devoid of sight is no first world problem- seeing should be a basic necessity and right of all!

  2. Having to actually need glasses sucks when choosing a pair of glasses. Those people who don’t really need glasses or have a tiny prescription don’t quite get this. Why not get two or three fun frames to match any outfit or mood? Or go online and get the 2 for 1 special. Here’s the deal. If you pretty much can’t see more than an inch in front of your face, there’s no way you are getting your glasses from anywhere but your eye doctor. There are too many modifications, thinning of lenses etc that go into it. So, I pair costs at least $500. And if you are paying more than your benefits cover in two years on one pair- you are going sensible all the way. As cool as it would be to have some Ray Bans, or funky, jeweled out cat eye glasses, Plain Jane has to win out.

Also, when you wear contacts you really are stuck. You know when the union has that vote every year for what our biggest concerns are? Most people pick salaries or sick days. I always pick eye coverage. Contacts, plus needing a pair of glasses, plus your now pay out of your pocket eye doctor appointment adds up! I don’t understand why OHIP won’t cover that one anymore…. I’m sorry that my sight isn’t a priority…

  1. Having glasses stinks when you fall asleep. Us glasses wearers have all been there. Putting on a
    NBC Studios

    NBC Studios

    pair of old, too weak lenses to read in bed or watch a movie for fear that we will fall asleep and warp our frames. And speaking of old glasses….

  2. Having to wear old, outdated, too weak lenses when your usual pair are either lost or broken. “Hey, Em. 2002 is calling- they want their frosted tips, low rise jeans, the tramp stamp and your glasses back.” That’s when my old pair is from. I changed out the lenses a few times.
  3. Having glasses sucks when you can’t find them. And they are right under your nose.
  4. I could have been an Olympic swimmer- I had all my levels finished by the time I was 11, but then not being able to see put a real damper on things. Forget being a lifeguard. Sure you could get prescription googles- but then you forget how cool you would look walking around with those on your face all day… And don’t get me started on sports. The one time I attempted volleyball for fun I had my glasses knocked off my face… and then I couldn’t see for days until they could get fixed. Awesome…

    I see you...

    I see you…

  5. Waking up and not seeing anything. What I wouldn’t give to wake up and see! You can’t even check the alarm clock until you find your glasses to check… and at that point you are already half awake. To those who have been blessed with this gift- you have no idea how blessed you are!

And don’t tell me. “Well, if glasses suck so badly, why not just get contacts?” If I have another contact rip on my eyeball…. Lol, the rant for that is way better (or worse) than this one. It’s decided I’m saving up to get my eyes zapped. If I started a gofundme, would anyone contribute to the cause?

What do you think?  Are glasses that bad?  What would you add to the list?  What is WORSE than wearing spectacles?   Click on the SPEECH BUBBLE and leave a comment!  

Maybe they aren't so bad...

Maybe they aren’t so bad…


After almost a year hiatus, Em’s Top 7 is back in operation! The past year has been crazy, in a good way, but super busy. I set out to write a top 7 for my friends going off to university/college and I never quite finished, so once I missed that week- it was all downhill from there! Stay tuned as I’m going to finish that post soon and have a few other back to school ones on the go!


Today, I hung out with two of my girlfriends. We took a random road trip to try a find a decent restaurant that is actually open on a Monday, and thankfully our summer brains were on and teacher talk did not take over. The three of us are single and in our 30s and the conversation turned to an interesting subject.

Now, this post is meant to shed some light into what it’s like to be a single girl whether by choice or by circumstance. It’s not meant to create an “us vs. them” divide, this is completely meant to offer some insight and clear up some misconceptions of what it is like to be a woman on her own, because a life without a partner is not without it’s struggles.

I believe that God has all of us, single or not, in the right place at the time. I believe that whether you are married or not, a parent or not, you can be completely satisfied and have a full understanding about life and what it has to offer. No matter where you are, no matter what your life circumstance is, there are going to be challenges. It is so important to be someone who is in tune with what is going on in your friend/family members’ lives, because we all struggle in different ways and need support and love in whatever those circumstances are. So, hopefully this post will be a reminder of that.

That being said- if you know me, you know that even when I’m serious, I usually say things with a bit of humour, so keep that in mind…

So with that long preamble- I present to you, “Seven Phrases Every Single Gal Is Dying NOT to Hear.”

Myth #1- Single Gals are rolling in the dough…

1. “It must be nice to have such a disposable income.” We don’t know where this one comes from, because even though we have decent jobs, we never seem to have any extra money. Think about it. As a single person, you still have to make full payments for rent/mortgage, a car, insurance- all on one salary. Not to mention trying to pay off student loans and any other crazy unknown expenses that come up. At the rate I’m going, I’m looking to have my schooling paid back by the time I’m 37- if I stick to a strict budget. Now, that being said, my debit card does get a decent workout at both the Clinique counter and Victoria Secret, and I do get my hair done regularly but I figure those purchases really are necessities on the quest to land a man.

You just sent me what?!

2. “Have you tried online dating?” I have very limited commentary for this one. People usually offer this not as a piece of advice, but as a solution to the problem. Most single women would concur that getting married is more than a box to be checked, and not a problem to be solved. And sure, online dating is a good way to meet single guys, especially if your circles have dried up of prospects. But, online dating sucks. Sure, there may be a gem of a guy on there somewhere- but it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Some people strike gold right away, while others have to deal with the many men (or boys) who are usually separated from their wives, socially inept, or seriously perverted. And that’s just on the Christian sites… That could be a whole blog post in itself. And usually the response to the lack of viable options online is another favourite phrase, “Maybe you’re being too picky…”

I have to schedule time in to shave my legs?!

3. “Being single is less responsibility…” Another misconception about being a single person is the hours of time we must seem to have on our hands. Think about it. Groceries still need to be bought, laundry to be done, all the bills to pay, the grass to cut, waiting for the repair guy to show up, taking the car in to be fixed, the house to be cleaned, dinner to be cooked, etc. Think of all the jobs that have to be done in life and as a single person, you are responsible for them all. There is no one to ask to pick up a few things on their way home for you, or someone to sort the recycling when you are busy. There is a reason why a marriage is considered a partnership. Why do you think single people love takeout/frozen dinners so much? (Lol- and why do you think I’m having Cheerios for dinner? Awesome, yes. But I would rather have the energy/company to make something way more fabulous.)

Married club= Singles not welcome

4. “You’ll understand when you’re married.” Without going into a rant about this one, this is the most frustrating statement a single person can hear. Especially when they are past their late 20s. What if I never get married? Will I never understand? Will I never be fulfilled? When I get married does the world suddenly make sense and have meaning? This statement sucks. I have been on the receiving end of this, and even though the intention is not mean-spirited, the feeling of not being a part of a group or not being a fully formed human being is.

Hmm.. budget allows for a road trip to “Akron, Ohio”- anyone?

5. “You must travel all the time!” Three things that make this untrue. Firstly, people don’t want to travel with you. And, well in theory it sounds great to travel alone and go where the wind takes you, part of the fun of a vacation is sharing it with someone. Most of my friends are married or have kids and will not travel, some even for a weekend. Secondly, have you ever seen how expensive it is to travel as a single? Often it’s double the cost of what it costs a couple. And, travelling with someone is an intimate experience- you have to choose a travelling companion wisely. Sure, you may save a chunk of cash, but you may be giving up your sanity at the same time…. And thirdly- see point number 1.

There is a reason he’s still single…

6. “Wait… I THINK I know a single guy….” As if being single is the only criteria one has for finding a man. Yes, the number of single guys is dwindling, but hopefully standards aren’t dwindling also! Again, see the online dating rant about checking a box. That being said, if you know someone who is single and who your single friend would get along with, please introduce them!

I’m aaaaall aloneeeee… all by myseeeelf…

7. “I won’t be able to make it; I need to spend time with my husband/We have to __________.” Ok. I get this. I really do. Marriages take work and there are times where you need to make time to be with your husband/family. That being said I cannot tell you how incredibly lonely it is and how pathetic one feels when you have everyone cancel on you or not be free to do something because of this reason. While you are out at a family BBQ or cozy-ing up to your man, the poor single girl is opening a can of tuna and bottle of wine alone.

And, since it’s been so long (and I have one more) here’s number 8.
8. “Just be patient. You’ll find him. God will bring him into your life at the right time…” This may be a true statement (or maybe not). But, honestly this is THE WORST thing you can say to someone who is single. Why? Because it implies that you haven’t been patient, you aren’t fully ready to be in a relationship, that there is something wrong with you that needs to be sorted out before you are “blessed” with a mate. And, when someone much younger than you (and usually married) says this (and usually shares the story about how they waited so long and the man of their dreams just appeared) it honestly makes the single person want to either crawl into a hole and die or punch the advice giver in the face. Just be a good friend. Being a friend means listening to your friend’s struggles and just being there for that person. Throwing a blanket statement out there and assuming you know how that person feels isn’t being a good friend. Take them out for coffee, include them on your wild family adventures- make an effort to check in with them.

So thankful for the handful of amazing friends I have!

To sum up: Being single is not all fun and games as it appears, but single people are usually pretty content with their lives. Yes, most single people would love to be un-single but, only if that means being with someone who is going to make their lives better. Single people want to be remembered and loved by their married friends because we love and remember you too! (And I am so thankful for the ones who go out of their way to include/love me!)


Facebook is probably the number one way people communicate now a days. “Call me” has since been replace by, “Facebook me!” and instead of asking for someone’s number, you merely ask, “Are you on Facebook?” And, it’s always exciting when someone adds you to Facebook: the instant connection you feel as you declare, “Yay, we’re Facebook friends!” is the best feeling in the world.

ID-10055791But there is a dark side to this community. Sometimes it is worse than the playground at school. If people can add friends, then they can also get rid of them.  Or in Facebook speak, “de-friend” them. I’ve gone through my list occasionally to look for someone, who I knew I had been friends with to see the dreaded “add friend+” button. Sometimes I understand; I too de-friend every once in a while. I clean up my list, getting rid of people I don’t talk to, and can’t see myself interacting with them ever again. Nothing personal, but your account is a personal thing, and the things you share are meant for your followers/friends only.

Other times though, the de-friending is hurtful and feels like a personal attack and you can’t help but ask yourself, “Did I do something?,” “Do you really not like me enough anymore?” or, “I thought we were friends…. 😦

De-friending someone, is almost as big of a deal as adding them.  So, when is it necessary to hit that “unfriend” button?  Here are seven friends you most certainly should delete.

 1. Inappropriate Friend- this is the friend who posts such scandalous things, that you are always worried to open your newsfeed with anyone around, for fear they’ll think you are perv. It’s usual pictures, sayings, and sometimes status updates of a sexual, racist, or just social unacceptable nature. I think there is a way to make sure his/her posts don’t end up in your newsfeed, but if it’s a constant thing, one starts to reevaluate that friendship. Are they a perv? A racist pig? Or just plain creepy, serial killer material? Could be de-friend worthy.

2a. TMI Friend- I don’t get this friend. Something personal and private is going on in your life and you’d like to rely on your friends for support. So why not inform all 700 of them at once? Surely, there will be an outpouring of love and support for you… or not. What do you say to someone who posts a status like, “thanks for leaving me alone and pregnant, jerk” (true story) or “just got over my bout with hemorrhoids!”?  Better to PM the 10 or so of your closest friends who truly care and will be inclined to do something for you. Remember, you have people who potentially could employ you, date you, be future family members, co workers etc on this thing. Careful what you tell the world! Too many of these posts and you end up in my de-friend pile. Lol, or on my list of people to creep when I’m bored and need a laugh…

Just got the broccoli out of my teeth- check it out!

Just got the broccoli out of my teeth- check it out!

2b. Too Many Updates- going along the same vein with too much information is the person who updates their status too many times.

“Just got up, going to be a great day!” “Bagel or Toast: The great debate” *pic of me eating my toast* “Ugh, first period is dragging on forever” “I love my best friend, she’s so awesome!” “Has anyone noticed that Mr. Brown has a striking resemblance to Mr. Potato Head?” “Oh. My. Wow. Just got a wink from Sweater Vest Boy…. swoon! #Mrs.SweaterVest?” “Hey, anyone want to meet me for lunch? I’ll be sitting on the north side of the caf, you know the table beside the vending machine, the one with the Pespi, not the chips… “

And it’s only lunchtime! I often wonder if I’m going to get the play by play of every bowel movement as well. I mean, I am concern about your gastro-intestinal well being, but how could I ever keep up? By far the number one reason people de-friend is because of too many updates.

 3. Incessant Game Requests- I do have to admit this allowed me to discover the amazingness that is Candy Crush though… but a lot of people voted this as the biggest reason.

4. My life is so amazing friend- I’m all for positivity but people like this: “Just got back from an amazing vacation with my amazing family. Amazing pics to follow!” “My job is so amazing!” “My husband is so amazing! Look at the amazing roast he made today! And he did an amazing job cleaning up the house!” “My kids are amazing, they are so well behaved and amazing!” either make me feel horrible about myself, or wish something horrible would happen to him/her…. just to see if he/she would post about it. I’m all for cutting out the negativity in your life, but this over the top display of positivity, turns me into a Negative Nelly. Lol, I should start posting the opposite version of these status updates and see how people respond.

Going on that vein. Anyone who makes you feel negative, angry and upset needs to go. You don’t need that negativity/drama in your life!  

Say goodbye to those negative influences!

Say goodbye to those negative influences!

5. The Cryptic update friend/Needy friend- I’ve had to defriend a few over this. I’m not a counsellor or a shrink. Sure I love helping people out, but scary Emo updates and cry for help messages are beyond me and my scope of training.

6. The Preacher Friend- whether it’s politics, religion, heath debates, mommy issues- if you are posting very one sided articles and comments on the same thing over and over and over again, you’re getting the de-friend. I’m all for sharing your opinions, but in a way that creates dialogue and discussion, not judgment.  And, what better place for that then Facebook when you have so many diverse and interesting opinions and thoughts?

7a. No, “Hey how’s it going?” in over a year friend

7b. Old co-workers/people won’t talk to again/contacts you added for business at a time friends

7c. People you just aren’t friends with and don’t deserve to have that much insight into your life. Friendships grow over the years, and sometimes they come to a natural close. I’ve gotten rid of a few people who I just wasn’t friends with anymore and didn’t desire to be.

7d. The ex-boyfriend/friends/family of the ex- (including friend/families exes). Without getting ranty, Facebook is unnatural. In olden days, you would break up with someone and never talk to him or her again. You (or your friends) wouldn’t be able to keep tabs on them. It’s creepy to know what your best friend’s ex husband’s daily status is, or that your ex’s brother met up with your ex and his new girlfriend for dinner. It doesn’t allow anyone to move on at all. I even know friends who have divorced and have an amicable relationship with each other who chose not to be facebook friends, and I know that’s what’s allowed them to be good parents.  It’s called closure people.  And, as a friend/family member, it’s important that you value your family member/friend over your attachment to his/her ex and his/her family and friends.  That probably means doing a little de-friending.

I love Facebook; it’s allowed me to connect with so many people, find lost friends and make new friends. The ability for networking (as a teacher and musician) is amazing. I can post questions about anything and get such a variety of answers. I’ve been able to keep in touch with students, campers, and old friends from elementary school. The important thing to remember is this, “Social media is a relational tool, but it’s not a relational reality.”* Knowing that can keep your Facebook list in check, and keep you from being de-friended!

So, who have you de-friended?  Or, who has de-friended you?  Comment at the Speech Bubble at the top of the post!


Catchacoma Lake

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Catchacoma Lake

The view from Catchacoma lake:

This week I was making some good old Habitant Pea Soup for lunch, which made me miss my dad- because that’s the one thing he can cook and we had many a can of that pea goodness on a Saturday afternoon.  If you look at the label on the can closely, you  can see it reads, “Traditional French Canadian Pea Soup.”  and that got me thinking- what other foods are “truly Canadian?”

1. Poutine- this is pretty obvious.  Fries with cheese CURDS and gravy.  There is nothing quite like it. Apparently it’s name comes from the french, ” “But this will make a damn mass!”   And places like Smoke’s Poutinere take it one step further with things like “Steak Stroganoff Poutine” and “Chicken Fajita Poutine.”

2. Bannok- the perfect camp fire food.  It’s like a biscuit that you put jam, butter, even mustard- or whatever you want on it.  So good!  Here’s a recipe!  There’s even a restaurant in Toronto called Bannock which features all Canadian Comfort food all fancy like.

3. Split Pea Soup- Have a ham bone you don’t know what to do with?  Throw it with a pot and with some chickpeas and Voila!  A French Canadian Masterpiece, no?

4.  Wild Game- Venison, Elk and Caribu– oh my!  Beef and chicken are tasty, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was introduced to venison.  I even had Elk at a fancy dinner party once…

5.  Canadian Bacon- aka Peameal/Back Bacon.  Made famous by John Candy (lol), this un bacon like delicacy is amazing.  Not only is it a healthy breakfast choice (no fat- unless you dip it in lard and cornmeal), it tastes super good on a bun- a great way to get out of the summer hamburger slump!

6. Halifax Donair- based on a gyro, or shwarma, this meat cooked on a spit and put into pita, was changed to suit local Nova Soctian tastes in the 1970’s- no more lamb, now beef and a sweet sauce.  My favourite donair moment was in second year university where my roommate at only them straight for a week during exam season, lol.

7. The Buttertart- I had no clue these were Canadian, but I guess it makes sense.  Butter, sugar, syrup in pastry- sounds totally Canadian!  Ontario even has a Buttertart Festival up north and I know people who would drive miles out of their way to stop in Port Hope for Betty’s Buttertarts!

And you thought Canadian cuisine was just Kraft Dinner….

CLICK on the SPEECH BUBBLE and comment- what is your favourite Canadian dish?

I’m starting off at a new school in September and I’ve been thinking a lot about the staff, how I will fit in, and ultimately how people will see me.  I know I shouldn’t care what people think- but I see this as a fresh start- a chance for people to really see me at my best.  I remember a few months in to my first teaching gig, and I said “Hi ________, how are you?”  to a staff member as she walked by me at the photocopier.  She stopped and stared at me and said, “Why are you so nice?” not in an accusatory way, but in a curious sortof way- like she couldn’t understand my kindness.  It was my first year teaching and over the years I feel like I’ve gotten a little jaded, a little more cynical, and a little bit negative.  I want to be that positive person that makes people wonder, why I’m different.

I had a friend in teacher’s college who always said, “it all comes down to group dynamics.”  A teaching staff is like one, family.  Each member has something to contribute and we should be there to support each other.  I was amazed at the staff I found at the school I taught at for most of my career- they have been so supportive, kind, and welcoming and I consider them my “family.”  But, over the years I’ve seen people who haven’t been as kind- and I have seen it be toxic to the work environment.

But you can only control yourself.  And who knows, maybe your positive attitude will be contagious!  These are seven things that will help build an environment ready for collaboration and encouragement.  I don’t have it all figured out- but these are things I’m going to try and do come September!  These tips are specific to teaching, but I think they can translate into any workplace!

 1. Greet/Acknowledge people- the simple act of saying hi to someone and asking how their day is makes a world of difference.  I got into the habit of doing this after I saw an episode of One Tree Hill (the one when Jimmy holds them hostage- he goes on about how hard his life was and how not one teacher or student said anything to him the day he returned after being gone for a month).  After that, I felt challenged to say hi to as many students as I could, because it broke my heart that someone could go a full day with no one talking to them.  I automaA Not So Positive Environmenttically do it with other staff members and the relationships I’ve built over the years (and the “cold” secretaries I’ve won over) is amazing!  And, use their name, “Hi ____, how’s it going?”

2.  Speaking of names- learn them! I heard a story once of a teacher who had taught with another for over 10 years and asked “what’s your name” after he asked her to sponsor his child for soccer or something.  Not cool.

3.  Join Staff Traditions- at my school we have a cake tradition.  Those interested put their names in and then there is a draw for those people’s birthdays.  On their birthday, someone brings in a cake for them.  Most people participate, but some do not.  It’s important to get involved with your staff- even if you think they are silly.  Bring a pot of soup for Soup Friday, and take them time to be a part of the staff Christmas video!

4. On that note- go to staff events!  Whether it’s drinks at the local pub, ladies outlet mall trips, or events put on by the social committee, make an effort to be there. The connections you make with people outside of work are amazing- there is no pressure, people can let lose and how else do you foster a positive work environment then to get away from the busyness of the office and the stress of work?

5.  Make an effort to be involved- One thing I did not like about our renovations and expansion of our school was the creation of more work spaces.  Before, everyone ate in the staff room at one large table, the older math teacher forced you to play shuffle board, and people didn’t have set seats- they just sat with anyone.  Since we’ve expanded a lot of people choose to eat elsewhere, or are busy doing other things and it’s impacted our staff in a big way.  I know people get busy with marking and lunch time help- but it is so important for your own sanity and to help collaboration to make an effort even once a week to each your lunch with you colleagues and not just your buddies.  I’m going to try to have one day a week that is my staff room time- that’s what the science and math people started doing and it was always so nice to see them!

6. Make people feel welcome- This is especially key for people who are new or visiting the school.  Notice them at the lunch table, and skooch over and talk to that supply teacher who is sitting all alone.  Also, make an effort to sit with those people who aren’t your friends, especially if they are by themselves.  By doing this I have made some great friendships with some really cool people.  They may not be the loudest or the “coolest” but it’s often those quieter, shyer types that are often the kindest. See the Positive in Everyone- This is the one I need to work on the most.  Drama and negative energy is built on how you perceive other people and their actions.  We assume someone is slighting us by not talking to us, that someone is purposely not returning something they borrowed from you, or we gossip about every little thing someone does.  I’m resolving to see the best in everyone and not get caught up in the negative cycle.  Instead of reading into everyone’s actions and assuming the worst- I’m going to assume the best.

7. See the Positive- in Everything!   This is the one I need to work on the most.  Drama and negative energy is built on how you perceive other people and their actions.  We assume someone is slighting us by not talking to us, that someone is purposely not returning something they borrowed from you, or we gossip about every little thing someone does.  I’m resolving to see the best in everyone and not get caught up in the negative cycle.  Instead of reading into everyone’s actions and assuming the worst- I’m going to assume the best.

My mom always said, you can’t control other people, but you can control how you react to them. Some people are stupid, some people are petty, unfriendly and mean. But, that doesn’t mean you need to be stupid, petty, unfriendly and mean in return.  People often respond to others in the same way they were treated and I’m sure the effects of being a positive member of your staff will inspire others to do the same!

I’m sure we’d all agree that eating healthy is so important to making your skin glow, your energy to be up, and for you to live a longer, healthier life.  But, sometimes it’s hard to always make healthy choices because there a lot of things that gets in the way of eating healthily.

I’m always on the go and my job can be crazy and all consuming at times.  Sometimes getting anything into me is a feat.  But, I feel better when I eat well.

Over the years I’ve found ways to stretch my budget, not waste food and buy/make really healthy things.  Yes, there have been some sad moments in the A & W parking lot- but I’m human!

Eating on the Go- Such a Challenge!

Eating on the Go- Such a Challenge!

So, here are my Top Seven Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go:

  1. Schedule a time for grocery shopping every week.  When life gets busy, it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness.  If you have built a time into your schedule for groceries and make sure you observe that time every week, you’ll always have food available.  I used to go Sunday’s, but they were hit or miss depending on what I was doing.  So now, all I do now on Monday nights is blog, cook, and grocery shop.  That way I’m ready for the week ahead!
  2. Plan your grocery list.  It’s important to not only plan out your grocery list to make sure you have healthy options for the week, but also to maximize your food spending.  If you plan things out, you won’t waste food.  For example, if you get excited and buy that green salad mix, and lunch meat- those are two things that need to be eaten up ASAP.  No one likes soggy spinach (especially not me and my texture thing- ick!) and lunch meat is only good for 3 days or so.  So, choose one of the other.  Also, with weird things, plan how you can use something more than once, whether it’s chicken for dinner and then chicken salad the next day.  This is especially helpful with weird ingredients.  I buy green onions for my tabboluleh recipe, but I only use like 2 strands.  So, when I get my ingredients for my favourite potluck contribution, I either make my fresh spring rolls or my walnut, goat cheese sandwich, because I can use up those scallions.   Do this and you’ll rarely waste food- I’m weird with texture (lol, ask my mom) so this helps avoid having to force yourself to eat a soggy cucumber (which as an adult paying for your on things may be a low point you may reach).
  3. Plan/Track your Meals.  Download a great app- for $4 and you’re able to keep track of your food and goals so easily- it even syncs to your computer.  It also keeps you keeping track of what you are eating- it’s amazing!  Also, if you put in your meals the day before and pack your lunch bag accordingly you’ll start to only eat what you are suppose to.  Or, if a notebook works better for you,  try that.
  4. Buy in Bulk…but  only if it’s your Fav!  At the grocery store it is so tempting to by something just because it’s on sale, but, if you don’t love it, you end up stuck with with weird, no name cans in your cupboards that you will only end up in a moment of desperation.  But, if you see something you use a lot of- buy out the store, girl!  I always do the rounds of the store and when I see frozen veggies on sale, I buy like 4 bags.  Same with the tuna that I love.   Or my dill crunchem  pickles. My vegan protein powder was on sale and I picked up 2 tubs (and would have gotten more if they had more left!)- dropped $100 there along, but ended up saving $25 per tub- worth it, because I use it regularly.
  5. Always have a back up plan- Whether that’s having Lean Cuisines on hand, granola bars stashed at work, or knowing which fast food item you are going to pick up on the go- have a plan ready!  Life gets busy, sometimes you don’t have a cooler to wheel behind you 24/7.  Sometimes you have to eat out, sometimes you are too tired to get a meal ready- eating healthy is suppose to help your body- and I’m sure the added stress of trying to do it every split second could be quite stressful!
  6. Cook Ahead!  As I mentioned, Mondays are my cooking days.  I have the Looneyspoons cookbook- which, if you have not tried, you must!  I usually make a soup for the week, something like pizza or fresh rolls, and a bean salad or something.  That way I have something to grab when things are busy.  Instead of pulling out a recipe and having to spend the time prepping and cooking it- there is a stuffed pepper in the fridge with your name on it!  I also freeze as much as I can- that way you have something for later- and a variety of somethings.  I had a roommate in university who’d make a casserole- and she’s make enough that she had it for dinner than night, lunch and then dinner the next day… etc… etc…  I couldn’t do that!  My life can be boring/mundane enough- Freeze for variety!
  7. Frozen can be your friend- So, not only should you freeze your meals- you can use frozen food as a healthy and quick option for dinner.  Frozen vegetables have come a long way, and since they are flash frozen, they have way more nutrients than some of the “fresh” produce.   Steam them for a few minutes and you are done!  Also, I started buying frozen fish.  Not the cheapy kind, but the PC kind in a box with 2 fillets for about $8.  And these are the plain fish fillets- no funny business and marinades on them!  And they are quick!  I get home from work about 4:30-5 and when I get home I put the fish in a cold bath.  Then after 30 minsof dethawing, I drop the fish in the pan, the frozen veg in the pop and with in 9-10 mins an awesome feast!  Quick and tasty- and no time to munch around!

Hopefully this helps and you are inspired to eat healthy no matter how crazy things get!

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