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I came across some old camp photos, and was feeling a little nostalgic.  I have so many good memories of camp- both that I’ve worked at, but especially GBC.  The last three weeks of the summer were always the overnight camps, and Youth Camp was amazing because it fell at the end of the summer, after I had spend a whole 9 weeks there as a counsellor.

Now, when I went to camp we didn’t have any of these fancy digital cameras; we had film cameras where you might get 24-27 shots a roll.  And, when you have a roll to last a week, you have to use the pics sparingly.  Going through my banquet pics, I kept seeing essentially the same pic, over and over.  I found lots of other great pics, but I can’t post because, even narrowing down the banquet pics into 7 categories was hard enough!

So, here are SEVEN SHOTS you have to GET at the CAMP BANQUET:

J1.  Well, first you have to get a pic with your date:  Before the days of IMG_0604Facebook/texting, a pic is all you would have of your “special someone” to tide you over for the year.  Or, if you didn’t have a date, you could work really hard to get a pic of your crush. I would post some of those ones, but then my secrets would be revealed!  Your date can include anyone who you went with to the banquet, it didn’t have to be a cute boy.  But, it’s oh so much better when it is!




2.  You’re Special to Me- Aside from your date,IMG_0612 there are probably many people who played a big part in making your week awesome.  That could be  friend, a camper, a staff member, your team, your dorm room- people who you would want to remember.  I used to have all my camp pics in my planner at school and spent many nostalgic moments looking back at those people with such fondness.  In fact, most of the pics I have of my best friend and I together are camp pics!

IMG_05753. The Girls- I loved counselling overnights.  I always got my polyester fix!  Pics of large groups of your friends are always awesome- and it usually seems like one or more will default to the Charlie’s Angels pose. IMG_0582

4. The Boys- Who wouldn’t want a pic of all the swoon-worthy guys from the summer.  Lol, or at least to make the boys feel swoon worthy… There is something about guys dressed up that is surprising and exciting to the female race.  Add a pensive hand gesture… and we’re yours!  Aw- and the guy counsellors don’t disappoint.  Look how daper they look!  IMG_0662

IMG_05735. The Leg Pic- for some reason this became a tradition- although scandalous for Bible Camp!  Here are several variations of this trend over the years…   IMG_0627IMG_0590

IMG_05866.  Awkward Group Shots- Again, since you had one camera with one roll of film, most shots would be a one time deal.  You didn’t stop, check the flash, look to see if everyone is smiling.  You take one shot and hope for the best.  This makes for some great awkward shots!  I love the big pic- you have a few girls unimpressed, a couple trying to look cute, friends gathered around, Charles in the back by himself, and Adam and I looking cute up front.  IMG_0618

7. Boy Shinnanigans- Boys will be Boys- and on banquet night, they tend to want to show off for the ladies…  IMG_0596IMG_0581

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I grew up appreciating old movies.  My father loved to tape them (yes, tape- as in a VCR!) and my sister Meg and our friends Leanne and Karli joined us on many occasions on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy a classic movie musical.  On these musical journeys we found enjoyment, laughter and pure joy.  We became the characters; these movies took us to another place.  Just like a good musical should- they were created in times when the world needed a pick me up.

So, here are my Top Seven “Feel Good Movie Musicals.”  You should watch them, I promise they will add a little joy into your life. 

7.  Annie (1982).  This musical is so much fun- catchy tunes, great production numbers, Carol Burnett- what more could you ask for?

6.  7 Brides for 7 Brothers- I love this movie- it’s just so much fun.  I love the romance in this movie- it’s a little archaic- but that’s its charm- who else but Howard Keel can get away with singing, “Bless her Beautiful Hide!”? Nothing says fun like a good Barn Dance!  

5. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes- So I picked this one up at Stedman’s in Bancroft and was pleasantly surprised.  Love the “Madonna sequence” for Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend, and the scene with Jane Russell and the guys working out in their nude coloured suits is just priceless! 

4.  Meet Me in St. Louis- My family totally relates to this movie- a house full of emotional girls?!  My favourite scene is Warren Schefield’s proposal- so romantic and strong.  He barges in.  “Rose Smith, we can’t go on like this any longer.  I have positively decided we are going to get married at the earliest opportunity and I don’t want to hear any arguments.”  Turns to go, but stops and points to Rose.  “I LOVE YOU!”  He states and storms off.  So manly.  Love it!  Also, I have  a thing for Judy Garland.  (Yay, Trolley Song!) 

3. Hairspray- this movie is just fun.  Catchy tunes, a great story, Zac Efron (swoon) and peppy dance numbers.  Couldn’t forget this one! 

2.   On the Town- we discovered this on a random Sunday and were so delighted.  This musical is just fun and silliness the whole time!  Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin, and Gene Kelly did a whole bunch of fun musicals together (Take Me Out to the Ballgame is fun too!)  A much watch!  

1. Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)- The musical is loosely based on this movie.  Leanne and I found this randomly because we were too lazy to turn off the VCR and this was the next thing on the tape.  We were in a such a silly mood and were in tears watching this one.  Hilarious. 

Now go!  I’ve just shared with you the secret to eternal happiness (lol, or at least momentarily happiness!)  Enjoy!

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So, I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be insanely busy!  Life gets crazy and it seems like I put myself on hold, struggling to get through the tasks of the day.  This is no way to live!  Just surviving is something they do on LOST (although how the girls never grow leg hair I’ll never know… ).

I have vowed to make 7 quick “enhancements” to my life.  They take very time or money or even effort, and although simple and cheesy, I’m hopeful they’ll make a positive impact.

7.  Drink More Water- H2O has been praised for its abilities to cleanse and to hydrate, to flush away toxins and keep your skin glowing and your breath from stinking.  (See I vow to drink more of this substance.  I bring a water bottle to school and I’m going to add Crystal Light or a tiny bit of juice to the container after lunch to ensure I finish the second bottle by the end of the work day. 6.  Up Your Oral Hygiene- I made fun of this, my sister’s new year’s resolution, but when I thought about it, it makes sense.  We all could probably do better with our teeth!  Up the anty!

Brush for two minutes?  Now add floss and alcohol free mouthwash to your routine.  It takes mere seconds, but the results are sparkly, smooth chompers!

5. Moisturize.  Does anyone else feel like winter has sucked all the good stuff out of their skin?  I want my skin to glow and feel like “ah…” This fix takes less than a minute when you step out of the shower!  I always forget this step and I have the most amazing Clinique body butter…

4.  Stretch While Catching up on TV.  I love watching mindless TV after a long day- the thought of moving off the couch and doing anything but stare at a screen seems overwhelming some days!  But, it has taken a toll on my body- I’m not nearly as flexible as I used to be, and my body gets tight so easily.  So- since I have no extra time, I vow to do yoga and stretches while watching TV!

3.  Memorize Something Inspirational.  Words have the ability to build a you up or to tear you down, so I’m going to try to memorize passages that encourage and build me up.  This not only will challenge my mind and keep it busy on those long drives, but will life me up and help me remain in Him.  I think I’ll start with James…

2. Do One Fun Thing Everyday.  One of my favourite people and I have this thing where we challenge each other to do just this.  Often as humans we get caught up in planning an adventure, and it becomes a reward for when busy-ness stops.  But it never stops, people!  Start having little adventures and laugh each and every day!  Whether it’s messaging a friend in Pig Latin, going skydiver, or wearing fun underwear- there is probably something you could do to make your more than ho-hum.

1. Smile More. There are a million (well maybe about 10) reasons why smiling is good for you!    This is what I need to do way more of.  It’s funny (well actually sad…)  if you have known me for a long time, you would know how positive and encouraging I was.  I smiled all the time and oozed fun and positivity.  Lol, but life has made me cynical over the years… and I wonder if the negativity and complaining has take over…

Hmm… I’m wondering if all these things will bring back the fun, happy, and energetic Emily…  I hope so!

So there you have it- a few practical things to do to enhance your day and make it way more fun!

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